Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Olyan mint otthon. 1978.

Почти как дома / Olyan mint otthon.
When a wayward husband returns from America to his native Hungary, mostly because he was homesick, his former wife is not inclined to have him back in her life. He is swiftly embroiled, however, in the schemes of a pre-teen girl, who wants him for her father.
Director: Márta Mészáros.
Cast: Zsuzsa Czinkoczi, Jan Nowicki, Anna Karina, Ildiko Pecsi, Kornelia Sallay, Ferenc Bencze, Maria Dudas, Eva Gyulanyi, Zsolt Horvath, Andras Szigeti, Eva Szabo, Hédi Temessy.
Hungary, 1978.
Language: Hungarian.
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Почти как дома / Olyan mint otthon.
Olyan mint otthon.

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